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Afana Pouliot

Afana Pouliot is comprised of a team of 14 skilled craftsmen,headed by a master shoemaker, together with a group of foot specialists all experienced in the knowledge of the medical considerations that custom made footwear requires. Every one of our craftsmen are trained in this unique art form, both in hands on skill , as well as with the latest technology available in the industry today, providing the care and precision of the olden days with the cutting edge production now required to meet the demand.

Afana Pouliot wants to make sure that only qualified individuals are looking after your needs. In the field all of our affiliates are qualified professionals, such as general practitioners ,orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, orthotists, prosthetists, pedorthists, chiopodists, foot nurses and others alike. Our common goal is to provide you with superior quality, great fitting custom made footwear which you can acquire either directly from us or through one of our professionals in your area.

Karen Henry

National Public Relations Representative

Hélène Bisson

Afana Pouliot – Co-Owner 

Marc A. Bisson

Afana Pouliot – Co-Owner 

Our Craftsmen

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