Custom Made Motorcycle & Riding Boots

Who We Are?

Afana Pouliot have joined forces with Marchildon Laboratory to form a group of experts with over 60 years of combined expertise in the field of custom shoe making. Marchildon Laboratory”s focus and expertise has been in the design and manufacturing of motorcycle riding boots for the Motorcycle Police Force and Calvary Police Force of many cities and municipalities throughout the province of Quebec. Marchildon Laboratory was also chosen by the Provincial Police force to provide motorcycle police force boots for the G7 meeting in Charlevoix, Quebec, in June 2018.

Why Custom Made?

Our boots are replicated after “the World Famous Strathcona Boot”…the original style worn by the Canadian Mounties designed by Lord Strathcona for his Calvary regimen.

They are made from the finest leather for a sleek professional look and custom fit for long wearing comfort …all day…everyday!

Our boots are specially designed to withstand the heat and the wear and tear of even the longest rides.

Do you prefer your own design?… Not a problem!. We will design and create the pattern of your choice.

For more information about our Custom-Made Motorcycle boots please call Karen Henry - National Public Relations at 1-866-297-2817 and she will be happy to be of assistance!

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