Introducing the Clinician Program

Our Clinician Program allows us to work with professionals who specialize in diagnosing and treating feet and lower limb abnormalities by equipping them with the means to manufacture high quality, aesthetically pleasing and superior fitting footwear solutions for their patients.

From the start of the order to the completion, we make the entire process simple and easy.

Joining our program is free, and once you are in, we provide you with a wealth of resources and support through the Clinician’s Dashboard.

Through the Clinician’s Dashboard, you can place your order(s), contact support, view videos on our moulding and casting methods, watch tutorials on how to place an order, download Pre-Approval insurance documentation, download first-time order starter kits, download marketing materials, and book a Zoom or Skype call with our certified orthotist.

Additionally, we offer fixed pricing and a turnaround time of approximately eight weeks from when the order is placed, and we receive all the necessary parts in our lab.

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We’re proud of what we do, knowing that we can improve people’s lives and mobility with aesthetically pleasing and great fitting orthopedic footwear custom made to their specific needs if you’re a professional and would like to know more about how to partner with us.

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Joining our Clinician program is free. Fill out the application form to get started. We will review your request and, if you qualify, we will send you the login details to the Clinician Dashboard.

Still have questions, no problem, we would love to hear from you. Click here to contact us with your questions.

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About Afana Pouliot

Afana Pouliot is the Western Division of Pouliot Laboratories located in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Our sole mission is to provide high quality custom-made orthopedic footwear for people suffering from structural foot deformities and unique mechanics deficiencies from Coast to Coast. With a state-of-the-art laboratory, a highly skilled craftsman, 3 Orthatists on staff and a master craftsman, we can do just that.

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