Steeped in history, family to family, carrying on the legacy of old-world European craftsmanship….shoemaking.

Walter Afanasiev, master craftsman, brought this trade from Russia to Canada in 1952. Walter set up shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, offering Canadians his education, wisdom and instinct to diagnose (uninformed) for over 50 years. All this was provided with a big kind heart…..his most valued trait by far.

Pouliot Labratories opened in Quebec City, Quebec over 60 years ago, boasting two superior master craftsman in shoemaking. Back then and now, their commitment to provide high quality Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear is the companies hallmark. Over the years Pouliot Labratories has preserved this dying art form through focused dedication to training others and are revered for their commitment to future generations being served. 

East meets West…after the passing of Walter Afanasiev, the uniting of both companies took place forming Afana Pouliot…continuing the tradition of old with new for another 60 years.