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Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear

The items presented are samples of the amazing products offered by Afana Pouliot. Always consult our professionals for the item you are looking for.

Foot Scanning

Custom Made Footwear

Here we use a laser beam to scan the foot molds. In doing this, Afana Pouliot uses one of the most advanced software which is world-wide acclaimed.

Last design

Custom Shoes & Orthotics

Here is the foot scan on the screen. The capabilities of the software do not guarantee the performance of the end-product. The expertise of the technician is key.

Far from trial and error

Custom Made Shoes

The computer-aided design (CAD) at its best. The last (blue line) is superimposed over the foot (red line). Thus, the technician assesses the accuracy of its work. The same process is repeated for the other foot.

Custom Footwear

Custom Orthopedic Shoes and Footwear

In visualizing the pressure points, the technician optimizes his opportunity to provide a custom made shoe with a perfect fit first time upon delivery, eliminating the need for a plastic trial shoe. Trial shoes have become a thing of the past unless absolutely necessary for special cases. Afana Pouliot takes pride in shorter delivery times as a result increasing customer satisfaction, and convenience.

Computer-assisted-manufacturing (CAD-CAM)

Computer-assisted-manufacturing (CAD-CAM) Custom Shoes & Orthotics

Once the computer assisted design CAD is completed, we make the last through our computer assisted manufacturing CAM. No wonder a repeat order match the first pair perfectly.

Quality insurance

Custom Made Footwear

Our master shoemaker makes sure the last will answer all the orthopedic needs of our customer.

Pattern Design

Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear

Each piece of the footwear is designed based on the last. This is a crucial step to insure comfort, quality and durability.

Pattern and cutting

Custom Made Shoes

We are skilled pattern makers, using computer assisted designs for the shoe upper. Once we have our template (pattern) we are ready for the cutting stage.


Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear

Although it looks like a pretty basic step, the sewing is critical and requires sound competence. Here a job well done means the precise fitting of one piece to another. Details such as: symmetry of the stitching, its length and width, impact on the quality of the shoe and its reistance to wear and tear.


Custom Made Footwear

The last, here with its integrated orthotics, gets the insole adhered. This is the final step before the completed upper is fixed on the last.


Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear

Now that all the pieces are sewn together (the upper), it is time for mounting it on the last.

Attaching the upper to the last

Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear

The upper is assembled on the last. Afana Pouliot uses only the state of the art industrial grade shoemaking machinery thus producing a high quality product that is unique in the custom shoe manufacturing industry

The mid-sole

Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear

At this step, when a shoe must have a mid-sole, the latter is assembled to the shoe with a piece of press equipment designed for strong pressure.


Custom Made Orthopedic Shoes and Footwear

Once the upper assembly to the last is completed, the leather is trimmed (skived) at the insole junction, a shank is put on and we add cork. Thus we have a smooth high quality surface ready to receive the outsole. The outsole finishing is an important step, for the angles, the camber and the symmetry are key elements for a quality product.

Final inspection

Custom Footwear

The last step before shipping the product is the final inspection. A quality control check-list is counter signed by the person who has performed the final inspection

Work in Progress

Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear

Afana Pouliot tracks on computer every step of the footwear manufacturing process, from the first measurement step right through to the shipping of the final product. Whether it be light foot problems or severe issues we are proud of our first trial success rate which increases the efficiency rate and speeds delivery time significantly.

From coast to coast

Custom Made Shoes & Orthotics

With our State of the Art technology and superior team of craftsmenship, we can provide quality custom made footwear to our direct clients as well as our professionals servicing patients coast to coast.

How We Make Custom Orthopedic Footwear

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