Hélène Bisson

Orthotist Prosthetist - Co-Owner

After a prosperous career in law, Helene embraced a new career in the field of orthopedic bracing. In 2001, she became the owner of a major Canadian custom-made orthopedic shoe and brace clinic, for which she has been the head of operations along with her brother Marc across Canada. 

Herself a trained orthotist and prosthetist, graduated from the Merici College, where she specialized in the lower limb , more specifically for the foot and ankle. 

Helene is the past president of the Quebec Association of Orthotists and Prosthetists. She is also a board member of IVO International, and of the Ordre des Techonologues Professionnels du Québec. 

Helene travels throughout Canada to train professionals in the art and skill of moulding and measuring one’s feet in order to provide their clients with with the experience of mobility, comfort and fit of Afana Pouliots Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear.

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Hélène Bisson

Afana Pouliot – Co-Owner 

Marc A. Bisson

Afana Pouliot – Co-Owner 

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