Why Women Experience More Foot Problems Than Men

Not all men and women experience the same difficulties with their feet. True enough, on average, women experience four times as many foot problems as men. Nine out of ten women wear shoes smaller than their size, a leading cause of foot problems in females.

You can create a composite print of your shoe and foot sizes on paper. When your foot’s outline exceeds your shoe’s outline, it is time to get a new pair of footwear. Maybe your foot discomfort will go away if this issue is resolved.

Many studies also claimed that 24% of females and 20% of males experience foot discomfort. These findings also entail that females are more susceptible to developing ankle pain, foot cramps, and pain than men.

This blog shows the reasons why women experience more foot problems than men. Read on to know further.


According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the prevalence of obesity is nearly the same in men and women. However, more women than men are more likely to be obese. Due to the additional pressure that being overweight places on the feet, overweight people are at a higher risk of developing painful foot diseases, such as tendinitis, Achilles, plantar fasciitis, and more.


Most men engage in other forms of physical labor, such as highway maintenance and construction. However, many women have jobs that require them to stand for long periods. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, women make up around 75% of the teaching and 90% of the nursing workforce.

Aside from that, other professions participated mainly by women that require prolonged standing include retail salespeople, servers, and hairstylists. Standing for extended periods puts a lot of strain on your feet. This is a sure way to damage your feet, particularly if you pair it with ill-fitting stilettos or shoes.


Foot pain is a common problem that affects a large number of people worldwide. The incidence of these problems, however, is disproportionately higher among females. And the study of foot anatomy holds the key to solving this situation.

Anatomical differences between women’s and men’s feet contribute to the differential incidence of foot disorders. Women’s feet tend to be wider at the ball of the foot and narrower at the heel than men’s feet.

Their metatarsal bones are shorter, have laxer ligaments, and are lower than average archers. In contrast, males tend to have wider feet and long legs. There is also less variation in width from heel to toe between males and females.

Since women’s feet are often smaller than men’s, they must absorb more pressure than men’s feet. The bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in their foot may be overworked. Women are more likely to have foot issues, including cramping at the high arches or ankles.


The problems concerning one’s feet are as varied as those who experience them. Compared to men, women suffer from foot problems at a higher rate. If you are experiencing foot pain, you should not ignore it. You must visit a podiatrist immediately if the pain is severe enough to prevent walking or standing.

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