Why do my feet hurt?

Why do my feet hurt

Just like every other day you wake up, do your morning routine. Drive to work. Get into work and start your day. But right on time, the pain kicks in just like every other day. You may be asking yourself why do my feet hurt. Whether you’re walking around or just standing still, it seems like it’s never-ending.


There are many reasons why your feet could be continuously hurting. In this article, I will list a few reasons to help answer the question, “Why do my feet hurt?” and what you can do to help with the pain.

1. Swelling – Many of us get swollen feet after being on them all day, especially if we are standing in one position for an extended period.

Swelling occurs when you stand still for an extended period. This is because your body has a more challenging time pumping blood to the heart. Swelling can also cause an achy feeling that worsens through the day (especially in the calves and feet.)

What you can do to help the swelling is by getting some graduated compression stockings. Compression stockings work by providing higher grade compression at the ankle/foot and the top of the calf, helping push the blood that stays in your feet back to the heart. You can get compression stockings in a variety of styles and colours.

2. Pain in the toes – The size of your shoe is a significant factor in why you may have pain in your toes. Wearing footwear that doesn’t fit properly could cause abnormal pressure, numbness, callusing and bunions form. The pain may occur more on the forefoot (especially if your shoes are too tight.)

Wearing proper-fitting shoes can help with the pain in your toes. When buying proper shoes, buy a shoe with a deep toe box. Remember that adequate width and length are critical.

3. Planters Fascia Pain – planters fascia is the thick part of the foot from your heel to the bottom of your toes. When you have planters fascia pain, this means that the thick part of your foot is inflamed

Some causes may include foot structure, unsupportive footwear, and how much you walk (stand) during a workday.

To help alleviate this pain, you could get yourself some orthotics. Orthotics help relieve the pressure off the plantar fascia, which allows the foot and lower limbs to work more accurately.

Helpful Tips

  • Proper footwear – when picking out a shoe, make sure there is extra space for your feet
  • Compression Stockings – helps with the blood flow if standing for long periods
  • Orthotics – helps with the arches and foot pain when walking (or standing.)


Have you thought about the benefits of Custom footwear?

Having a customized shoe will enhance the orthotics’ ability to protect your joints, tendons, and muscles. At Afana Pouliot, we take a moulding of your foot to get the precise shape of the arch to make you a custom orthopedic shoe.

Your custom orthotics will help align your legs, hips, feet, and your back as well. With this being said, you will be able to go for runs without the pain.  Your orthotics will also help you improve the way you walk, which will improve your run.

For more information on our custom orthotics shoes, call Karen at 1-866-297-2817

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