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Since COVID broke out, many things have come to a sudden and unfortunate halt. Numerous situations have shifted around us, but instead of just waiting around for the world to change back to normal, we at Afana Pouliot are a very forward-thinking business. We have decided to use this time to upgrade our online business model to serve our trusted members better and future clientele. 

In this article, I will focus on the most notable update we have accomplished so far. 


The most significant change we’ve accomplished is the rebranding of our wholesaler program. The Wholesaler Program was our way of connecting and helping foot specialists by providing them access to Canadian manufacture high quality, aesthetically pleasing and superior fitting footwear solutions for their patients. That was the goal which we have achieved with great success. But we were missing something. We thought, how can we make this program more valuable for our members? So we decided to rebrand and increase our efforts in helping our experts and their patients. 

The Wholesaler Program, now appropriately called The Clinician program, still runs on the same principle of providing our specialists with the means to manufacture Canadian-made custom footwear at an affordable price with prompt turnaround time. 

Now included in the Clinician Program is access to our brand new Clinician Dashboard. The Clinician Dashboard quickly connects you to excellent resources structured to help our members take full advantage of our specialized services. 

Through the Clinician’s Dashboard, you can place your order(s), contact support, view videos on our moulding and casting methods, watch tutorials on how to place an order, download Pre-Approval insurance documentation, download first-time order starter kits, download marketing materials, and book a Zoom or Skype call with our certified orthotist.

Additional to all this, we will be continuously upgrading the Dashboard with new features and content periodically. Once recent changes occur, we will be alerting all members to make sure their know what tools and resources they will have access to. The Clinician Program is here to help you increase your practice options to help your patients. 

We are serious about helping our members, but the best way to help is to get our members’ ideas. Within the Dashboard we have added a suggestion form. This form allows our members to suggest content, tips, ideas, information etc. We then take those ideas and bring them to life. Our goal is to make sure our members’ success increases because of their wise decision to join the Clinician Program. 

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