Tips to Keeping Your Feet Happy and Healthy

Your feet are one the main parts of your body. They help you run, walk, jump, ride a bike and much more. But did you know that feet are the most neglected part of the body; until they start to bother you. Whether you suffer from conditions like planter fasciitis or your on your feet all the time you should take care of them.

You should try to take at least 10 mins out of your day (or a least 10 out of a week) to take care of your feet.

Here are some great tips to healthy, happy feet

 Wash Your Feet

I know this sounds like a no brainer, but some don’t wash their feet because they may have back issues and can’t reach their feet. If you do have a problem reaching your feet, sit on the ledge of your tub or toilet and get a brush with a handle on it.

Make sure to wash in between your toes and under your nails. This will help with the prevention of athlete’s foot or foot fungus.

When you are done washing your feet, be sure to dry your feet before putting on socks.

Foot File

Filing your feet is great because it helps remove dry, thick skin from the bottom of the foot.  Your feet will look more healthier, and more oxygen will be able to flow throw.


If you live in a dry winter climate like Winnipeg, moisturizer will be your best friend. After you have showered, dry off your feet and lather some moisturizer all over them. You may notice how fast your feet will suck up the lotion. Do this everyday and your feet will love you.

Wear Sandals in The Locker Room

Whether you are at the gym or your local indoor pool, when walking through the locker room you should wear sandals.

Locker room floors are full of bacteria. You may have a tiny cut in your foot with out knowing. Now the bacteria are in your foot. So best to avoid a fungus in your foot and wear sandals at when in the locker room

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