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You have found…Mobility, Comfort and Style with Afana Pouliot Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear. Proud of our rich history as an all Canadian Company, we have been serving customers for the past 60 years.

In spite of this fact, many of our customers have found us after an exhaustive search for the right fitting footwear. Well, we are committed to making this exhaustive search end, by creating public awareness and educating the Professionals in the field of this most valuable service….Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear.

Along with our newer website we also have a full time National Public Relations Representative, Karen Henry who is travelling through-out Canada sharing this old-world art form blended with avant-garde technology.

Do I need custom made footwear?
If getting a new pair of shoes is so difficult, or next to impossible, it is the time for you to consider getting custom made orthopedic footwear for yourself. We say that our footwear are orthopedic because they will address your limitation. Our team of craftmen understand  medical conditions, and what is required in the making of your footwear, to have the most efficient result.  We also make sure not to overlook the esthetic aspect of the end product, so you will have a great fit as well as great looking footwear.

What do we mean by footwear…
Footwear includes shoes, boots, sandals, house shoes, working boots and shoes, in a word whatever you need for your feet given the event and the season.

How is the Footwear Made?
The word custom says it all. They are MADE TO MEASURE….we take a mold of your feet and also take multiple measurements. We consider your medical conditions, your pathology, your daily activities, and your personal needs when creating your Custom Made Footwear.

Custom Made Footwear is the result of precision art, skill, knowledge and competence, which we have been building on for the past 60 years.

For more information contact Karen Henry at 1-204- 889-0917 (Winnipeg office) or 1-(866) 297-2817 (toll free) or email

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We have been servicing clients for the last 60 years and we can assure you that our main goal is to satisfy your needs and that of your clients.


What Our Customers Have to Say
"After our first visit to your office and meeting Karen,Helene and Elizabeth my husband and I considered ourselves fortunate to having been referred there. Everyone involved has been extremely helpful and considerate in getting me the right product. A special thanks to Elizabeth for all the time and effort she put in to create this custom product..."
Bev Stonehouse
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