Taking Care of Your Feet in the Winter

Taking care of your feet during any season is important. With winter though it brings, cold, wet, and dry weather. While being out this winter, whether it’s playing in the snow, going for a walk in the park, or a jog around the neighbourhood here are some tips on taking care of your feet during the winter months.

Leave Room In the Toes

When buying a winter boot, you want to buy something that is about a half size bigger. The reason for this is so you can fit those fuzzy socks into your boots on those cold fridge days. Having more room in your boot will also leave room for your feet to breath and not be crunched up (which is not fun or good for your feet.)

Don’t Stay in Wet Sock or Boots

If you are out playing in the snow, make sure to have extra socks or an extra pair of boots to keep your feet dry. When your feet get wet, they start to wrinkle. The longer they stay in a wet boot/sock the more your foot will wrinkle, then start cracking, which could be very damaging to your feet. Also, your feet will start to smell from the wetness and could also cause a fungus.

Keep Your Toenails Clean

Cleaning your toenails (clipping and cleaning underneath the nail,) during the winter months is important. Your toenails can collect moisture underneath the nail, which will cause a fungus under your toenail.

Rubbing Your Feet With Cream or Tea Tree Oil

During the winter months the air can become dry. Which leaves your skin dry, flaky, and even cracking. Rubbing your feet with lotion will help in a couple of ways.

  1. Lotion will help bring the moisture back to your skin
  2. Help bring circulation and warmth to your feet

Tea Tree Oil can help prevent foot fungus.

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