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Molding and Casting Demonstration

From the start of the order to the completion, we make the entire process simple and easy

Video 1: Tools Needed for a perfect mold
Video 2: Mold and Measure..Let”s get started
Video 3: Podoprint trace of the foot
Video 4: Tips for perfect measurements
Video 5: Measurements for a Boot
Video 6: Foam Box impression
Video 7: STS Sock Cast Pt.
Video 8: STS Sock Cast Pt.2
Video 9: Finalize your order

Afana Pouliot Custom-Made Orthopedic Footwear:

Providing Clinicians with Tailored Solutions for Patients with Foot Deformities and Special Mobility Needs

Personalized Approach

At Afana Pouliot, we understand that every patient with structural foot deformities and special mobility deficiencies has unique needs. That's why we take a personalized approach when designing custom-made footwear for each patient. Our clinicians work closely with patients to understand their unique foot structure and mobility requirements. By doing so, we ensure a tailored and effective solution that delivers optimal fit, comfort, and support. Our commitment to a personalized approach ultimately leads to improved mobility and reduced pain, as patients can count on footwear that has been specifically designed to meet their individual needs.

High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

At Afana Pouliot, we take pride in using only the highest quality materials in the manufacture of our custom-made footwear. Our commitment to excellence means that we source materials that are not only durable but also long-lasting. In addition to quality materials, our skilled artisans employ traditional techniques coupled with the latest technological advancements to craft footwear of unparalleled quality. Our emphasis on craftsmanship ensures that our footwear provides patients with lasting relief from their foot deformities and mobility issues. By using the best materials and employing the best techniques, we can deliver custom-made orthopedic footwear that patients can rely on for optimal support and comfort.

Efficient and Reliable Service

At Afana Pouliot, we understand that patients with special mobility needs require timely delivery of their orthopedic footwear. That's why we prioritize an efficient and reliable service when it comes to the manufacture and delivery of our custom-made footwear. Our streamlined production process ensures that our footwear is manufactured quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality. This means that clinicians can count on us to deliver the highest quality custom-made orthopedic footwear, on time, every time. Our commitment to efficient and reliable service means that clinicians can trust us to provide their patients with the support and comfort they need to improve their mobility and overall quality of life.

Customers reviews

I have been struggling for years to find shoes that are not only fashionable, but support my feet and knees in a way that limits joint pain; discovering Pouliout has been so great! I absolutely recommend this to anyone who has special needs for shoes
Anne Hildebrand
Hi Karen, I wanted to thank you for the inservice you gave to our department. You shared valuable information that we can use with a select group of clients, but clients whom would benefit greatly from what you can offer them. This is a great resource to know about. Cheers, Merry Christmas to you and your team.
Anne Hildebrand
The Grace Hospital
I have been very impressed with the service of Afana Pouliot. The quality of the custom made shoes is exceptional and their attention to detail is very much appreciated by both myself, and my clients. I have found their service to be timely and their staff to be very knowledgeable. I feel very confident using Afana-Pouliot for all of my custom footwear needs.
Christie Chandler
Occupational Therapist, Certified Pedorthist

Custom Made Footwear - Shoe Sample Design

Below is a sample of the custom made footwear we manufacture for our clients. To view our entire catalog you will need to be a member of our The Clinician Program. It’s absolutely free to join our program and take advantage of our proven system that has help many clinicians grow their practice.