Pedorthic Assessment and What to Expect

Have you been having unexplained foot pain, knee, hip, ankle, or back pain? You may need to see a Canadian Certified Pedorthists for a Pedorthic assessment.

What is a Pedorthic Assessment?

A pedorthic assessment evaluates your lower limb anatomy (like knees and ankles), muscles and joint function. Plus, the interaction of your feet and lower limbs with the rest of your body.

Preparing for the Appointment

Your appointment is all booked, great now what?

There are a couple of things you should make sure you have before you go to your appointment.

  • Loose clothing or shorts – the pedorthists will be examining your lower limbs and feet, so it will be easier for them to examine if you are wearing loose-fitted pants.
  •  A daily shoe – a shoe that you use daily would be great. The doctors will look at the wear pattern, the inside of the shoe, top and bottom as well.

At the Appointment

Appointments usually last around one hour. During your appointment, the pedorthist will ask you a series of questions. Some may include:

  • What are your Symptoms?
  •  Any previous injuries
  • Family history
  • About your lifestyle
  • Any systemic diseases (ex. high blood pressure?)
  • About your footwear
  • What’s your occupation

You will also go through a few tests like:

  • Checking the range motion in your feet and ankles.
  • Testing the strength of specific muscles

The pedorthist will also look for any swelling or discoloration in your feet, ankles, and legs. The pedorthist will also examine the alignment of your lower back and knees.

You will also walk around so the pedorthist can examine the position of your foot for each step you take.

What Happens Next?

Once your pedorthist has come up with a diagnosis, they will provide you with a treatment plan. Your treatment plan may include

  •  Custom orthopedic shoes
  • Ice therapy
  • Stretching/strengthening exercises

If your feet or lower limbs are sore, don’t brush it aside. Instead, see a pedorthist to get a pedorthic assessment.  

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