Lymphedema Shoes Canada

lymphedema shoes Canada

Swollen feet can be very uncomfortable and may stop you from doing your everyday routine. But first, It is important to understand the medical reasons for the swelling of your feet.


What is Edema?

Edema or Peripheral Edema happens when extra fluid builds up due to the leaked fluid from the small blood vessels.
The swelling may occur anywhere in the body, but the most common are the ankles, legs, feet, arms, and hands.
Mild causes of Edema include consumption of foods with high salt content, pregnancy, premenstrual symptoms, and sitting for too long. Some diseases may also cause Edema, such as weak or damaged veins, long-term protein deficiency, Cirrhosis, kidney disease or kidney damage, and congestive heart failure.
Some medications can also cause Edema. Thiazolidinediones ( a type of diabetes medication), steroids, estrogens, high blood pressure medication, and anti-inflammatory drugs (non-steroidal).
Someone with Edema may experience an increase in abdominal size, stretched shiny skin, swelling of the tissue under the skin, especially in the legs and the arms, and skin that retains a dimple after being pressed.
You can help decrease your Edema and prevent it from coming back by reducing salt intake, movement of the affected area and elevate your feet above your heart for about 20 minutes at a time.


Lymphedema, on the other hand, has two types-Primary Lymphedema and Secondary Lymphedema.

When lymphatic vessels are missing or impaired, Primary Lymphedema develops.

Since it is an inherited condition, primary Lymphedema can occur at birth ( Milroy’s disease), during puberty or pregnancy (Meige’s disease), or later in life (Late-onset lymphedema).

Damaged lymph nodes cause secondary Lymphedema. Lymph nodes help filter germs and waste from your body.

Swelling in the arms and legs happens when the lymph fluid is prevented from draining properly because of a blockage in the lymphatic system. Some of the procedures and/ or conditions can cause damage to the lymph nodes.

To check for the spread of breast cancer, the doctor may remove lymph nodes through surgery.

Radiation during chemotherapy can cause inflammation of lymph vessels.

A tumour growing near lymph nodes can block lymphatic vessels, which will block the lymph fluid.

Infection can also be a cause; a parasite, for example, can restrict the flow of lymph fluid.

All of these will lead to the swelling of the arms and legs.

You can reduce the swelling by lightly exercising the affected part and wrapping your arm and leg to encourage fluid to flow back toward the trunk of your body.

No matter what the cause of your swollen feet, wearing appropriate footwear can lessen the pressure brought about by swelling.

The good news is, we have designed shoes that will help your feet cope with the discomfort!

Our footwear has a velcro or hook and loop closure which adjusts the shoe’s fit during the day. It is breathable, which keeps the feet cool.

The shoes were made to be deep and wide, and you have the choice to add supportive inserts for comfort and reduce pain and pressure on the feet.

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