Foot Care for Seniors

5 Easy Tips for (At-Home) Foot Care For Seniors

Foot Care for SeniorsMost of the parts of the body decline when you reach a certain age. Usually, adults experience problems with their back, hips, and feet. It is a crucial phase when you struggle with your feet; you will not be able to do your usual daily activities. That’s why keeping yourself active and healthy will decrease the chance of having problems with your feet.

The most common foot problem for seniors is having corns and calluses since their feet are losing most soft tissues. It is hard to remove these corns and calluses as they go back from time to time, especially if you did not figure out the cause.

If you are having a hard time wearing your old shoes and it puts so much pressure on your feet, you might want to consider it as one factor. Find out the point of the pressure of the shoes, is it on the upper part or on the toe, or is it below? If it’s too tight maybe you need a new shoe that is comfortable enough. It is essential to note that wearing comfortable footwear can save your feet from corns.

Other than calluses and corns, ingrown toenails are also popular feet problems when you don’t wear comfortable shoes. Ingrown toenails are also caused by foot injuries, and cutting your nails too short. Having ingrown nails can significantly affect the life of someone, especially when the ingrown got infected. One of the best ways to avoid ingrown nails from being infected is wearing wide shoes to avoid putting pressure on the toenail.

5 Easy Tips For at home Foot Care For Seniors

Seniors have sensitive skin, especially on their feet, so it is essential to have a solid foot care for seniors routine. Here are some tips for seniors on taking care of their feet:

Keep them Clean

Bacteria and viruses thrive in dirty feet, which can lead to diseases. Cleaning the feet with warm water and soap on a regular basis can help avoid infections, especially in people who have wounds on their feet or ingrown nails.

Avoid Doing Own Surgery

Calluses and corns can be quite irritating, but removing them using sharp items is not recommended. It is not advised, especially for seniors with diabetes and circulatory issues, as it may lead to more serious problems in the future. If you want them removed, leave them to the professionals.

Examine your Feet

Once in a while, it is helpful to check and examine your feet for any scratches, wounds, or if there are infections that need to be treated immediately. Sometimes, we take our feet for granted that we forgot to check if it’s okay, so try to make time to check for your feet.

Proper Nail Care

As nails are part of the feet, they should also be part of your foot care routine. Whenever you have time to groom your nails properly, not too short to avoid ingrown toenails. If you’re a senior, let someone handle your nail care to avoid cutting your skin.

Moisturize Feet

Most of the time, the skin of seniors is dry, and there might have cracks on the skin where bacteria might break-in. Cracks can be removed by moisturizing your feet every day with natural moisturizing creams.

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