Foot Care For Diabetics

Foot Care For DiabeticsDiabetes peripheral neuropathy is the nerve damage caused by diabetes. This is more commonly known as nerve damage, and it is only one of the negative consequences of diabetes. Another common occurrence is the bad circulation of blood near the lower limbs, such as the feet and legs. Due to this, people who have diabetes do not always feel foot injuries like cuts and blisters. When people don’t notice them, they could get infected, which then leads to more complications. This is not something that is easy to deal with when you have diabetes because injuries also take longer to heal. If the problem gets worse, it will only take longer to fix. 

People with diabetes frequently experience these kinds of foot problems, making their lives a little more complicated. However, if you’re diagnosed with diabetes, brushing up on information and reading about the different risks is just due diligence. To help you out, we’ve compiled some basic information related to foot care for diabetics and how you can avoid any foot problems. 

Foot Care Routine 

The key to real foot care is preventing any problems. You’ll save yourself a lot of pain- and even expenses- in the long run. With a straightforward and constant routine in place and proper maintenance of your blood sugar levels, you can keep your feet and your overall health safe. 

To start, you may want to gather some foot-care tools to help you out and create a kit where you can find everything. For your starter pack, you can include the following items: 

  • Nail clipper
  • Lotion
  • Mirror
  • Nail file 

You can also follow the steps for foot care for diabetics below to make sure your feet are clean and healthy: 

  • Start by washing your feet in warm water and mild soap. There’s no need to leave your feet soaking in the water as it will only cause dryness. A simple wash, soap, and rinse with lukewarm water suffices. 
  • Make sure to dry them carefully after washing and run the town between the toes. 
  • Inspect your feet for any wounds, blisters, or ingrown toenails. Don’t forget to check the other side by using your hand mirror. 
  • If there are any injuries, make sure to cleans the cuts and cover them with the proper dressing to avoid any infections. 
  • Cut your toenails until they are at a reasonable length, and use your nail file to soften the sharp edges. However, it is also important not to cut the nails too short. 
  • Once you’re satisfied with the length, rub some lotion on your feet, but avoid the space between your toes. They are already moist enough without the cream. 
  • If you’re going out, make sure to wear clean socks. 

Seeking Professional Help 

If your feet suffer from any hard skin around the toes, ingrown toenails, calluses, or warts, then it is best to have them treated by a specialist such as a doctor or foot-care expert. Treating them by yourself could be dangerous. 

The doctor should also check out other pains like redness, swelling, or warmth. If you happen not to feel anything, it’s still best to visit your foot specialist or doctor once a year. If you’re diagnosed with diabetes, it’s also best to include foot check-ups whenever you visit the doctor as any unnoticed foot injuries or problems could lead to more pain or difficulty on your part.

Another way of preventing foot injuries is by wearing the proper footwear. Afana Pouliot specializes in creating orthopedic footwear to help people like you, whether you have diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions. Learn more about their products and services by visiting their official website or contacting them at +1 204-889-0917.

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