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Are you an active runner or maybe just an occasional jogger? Whichever it may be, take a moment and think about how your feet, legs and even back felt after your run?

If you answered that they were achy, tired, or even sore, you might need custom orthopedic shoes. Did you know that custom orthopedic shoes are not just for people with constant sore feet or back? Custom orthotics for runners can make for a much more enjoyable run.

Running without Orthopedics

When running, you are putting a lot of stress on your joints, muscles, and tendons. Overworking these areas can cause more damage causing pain and injury. Custom orthotics for runners provide the support the body needs when doing physical activity like running.

A traditional running shoe by itself doesn’t provide the necessary support. With just a plain running shoe, you may get pronation. Pronation is when your foot excessively rolls inward following the heels’ contact with the ground. You can occur problems if your feet are pronating too often or quickly.

Your joints can become unstable and go out of alignment. When your feet and leg muscles are out of alignment, they’re forced to work even harder to generate the necessary stability to push the ground.

Custom Orthotics helps with the support your body needs

By using orthotics, you can reduce the chance of severe foot or lower-body injury. Custom orthotics will stabilize feet that have overly pronated. Orthotics will also help decrease the chance that pronation will occur.

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Having a customized shoe will enhance the orthotics’ ability to protect your joints, tendons, and muscles. At Afana Pouliot, we take a moulding of your foot to get the precise shape of the arch to make you a custom orthopedic shoe.

Your custom orthotics will help align your legs, hips, feet, and your back as well. With this being said, you will be able to go for runs without the pain.  Your orthotics will also help you improve the way you walk, which will improve your run.

For more information on our custom orthotics shoes, call Karen at 1-866-297-2817

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