Custom Made Orthopedic Shoes

Afana Pouliot is a Canadian-owned company operated by foot professionals and master shoemakers specializing in manufacturing Custom-Made Orthopedic Footwear. 

We use a unique mixture of modern technology and the finest hand-made craftsmanship. Learn more by downloading our brochure below.


We’re proud of what we do, knowing that we can improve people’s lives and mobility with aesthetically pleasing and excellent fitting orthopedic footwear custom-made to their specific needs. If you’re a professional and would like to know more about partnering with us, please contact us at 1-866-297-2817.


Can't Fit Off-The-Shelve Shoes?

For the past 60 years, we have been building custom orthopedic shoes for people that cannot fit “off the shelf” or modified footwear. Our process ensures that the pair of custom-made footwear you receive from us is superior fitting footwear made for your unique condition. Our footwear is high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and made exclusively in Canada.

Our Vendors

We want to make our custom-made orthopedic shoes accessible to as many individuals as possible, and as such, we have successfully established excellent relationships with the following providers.


Our focus is to manufacture specialty custom orthopedic shoes for individuals suffering from structural deformities of the feet and lower leg due to congenital malformations and conditions like Arthritis, Diabetic Charcot Feet, Severe deformity, Polio, Drop Foot with AFO, Down Syndrome Patients and much more. See the complete list of conditions we help by downloading our brochure.

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Custom Molded Orthopedic Shoes

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The creation of custom-made orthopedic footwear is highly technical and involves specialized equipment and knowledge to perform. Our footwear is created precisely to your unique condition, and to achieve this, we need exact measurements and a mold of your foot and ankle structure. 

At Afana Pouliot, we make the entire process easy. Contact us today directly at 1-866-297-2817 or fill out the form below to book an appointment with our skilled technician.

Get into the comfort and mobility you deserve, Afana Pouliot can help!

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