4 TIPS To Remember When Running in Winter

Summers are great for getting outdoors and staying active. Like running, playing sports, swimming at the lake, walking in the dog park, and so much more. But if you live in a cold Canadian city like Edmonton, Regina, or Winnipeg getting outdoors isn’t as much fun.

You do have jogger/runner fanatics who will run in rain, shine, and snow. There are many benefits to jogging, both mental and physical.  Being in the outdoors soaking up the sun is a benefit on its own. In the winter months you don’t get enough vitamin D (which could lead to depression.) Being outside and getting exercise can go a long way.

Here are 4 tips to remember while out running

Wear Reflective Gear

With winter, comes day lights savings time. Yes, you may start running in the day light but it gets dark quicker out so you may finish when it’s dark out. Wearing shoes and clothing that are reflective will help motorist (and winter cyclists) see you more clearly. You can also be at peace of mind knowing that others can see you, while you can concentrate more on not slipping on the ice.

Compression Stockings

Compression socks are good for any runner. Stockings are especially a great investment for the colder weather. With colder weather comes reduced blood flow. Compression stockings will also keep your feet and legs healthy.

Don’t Overdress

Dress for warmer weather. Yes, you probably thinking are you nuts I’ll freeze. You will be cold at first, but you will warm up quick when you are running. When you over dress you are putting yourself at a higher risk of exerting yourself quicker. Plus, if you sweat you will get a chill which will lead to being stuck in bed with a cold.

Stretch Before Heading Outdoors

You want to get outside into the cold crisp air to get your run on. But wait, don’t forget you need to stretch before you head out. When working out it’s best to warm up your muscles before getting into your activity, so you wont cause injury.  In the winter it’s just as important if not more to warm up your muscles before running because it will take longer for them to warm up in the cold. Before heading out try doing some stretches, light exercise, or yoga.

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